The War of the Montenegrins with Mahmud Pasha

The War of the Montenegrins with Mahmud Pasha

Heroic Ballads of Serbia

translated by

George Rapall Noyes & Leonard Bacon

(1) Vizier Mahmud on Bóyana in Scútari the white
Hath gathered his viziers and the captains of his might,
Picked Turkish chiefs. When they were come, he spake unto them then:
“Here is a chance for us at last, my gallant fighting men,

To win the great Black Mountain and the flat coast of the sea
That we have long desired. Some friends of mine there be,
Black Mountaineers that I will bribe; their country they will sell,
And I will do thereafter whatever seemeth well.
But the men of Brida have closed the roads, and there my wound is found,
And I cannot gather an army all Bosnia around,
Or in Herzegovina either or the Albanian bound.
Let us stir up Albania, that our fiery winds may fall
On the Píperi and also on the Children of White Paul. (2)
Let us burn everything with fire and capture great and small,
Till we come to Nikshich, brethren; there our pavilion white